Accent Table Plans - Choose From 19 Exciting Accent Table Plans

A small accent table or display stand can be used in so many ways. It can be a permanent area to exhibit a beloved collection or an occasional table to use for parties and entertaining. With accent table plans there are an infinite number of styles and designs.

Choose square, rectangular or round styles to blend with existing decor or to add a bit of punch to your room. Select stain and durable urethane finish to protect the piece, or paint to add a colorful accent to any room.

Many small accent tables fold for quick storage when not in use. Other tables are easily disassembled when not needed. This is convenient for small houses where storage is at a premium. Select this style and always be prepared for unexpected guest or impromptu parties.

Small Accent Table Plans:

Small Round Folding Table

Small Round Folding Table

Create an accent table that is perfect when an extra table is needed. Easy to fold and lightweight, this table comes in handy for entertaining inside or outside the home.