Outdoor Plans Index

Outdoor Plans Index

Outdoor Plans

We have some awesome outdoor building plans, just in case you are thinking of moving your creativity out into the backyard or garden.

Everybody will appreciate your idea of building a brick barbeque when you get together for a hot meal on a chilly winter night. Your love for nature can be well displayed by building a tree house or a greenhouse.

We have a range of over 50 categories of outdoor plans, so you will be sure to find that perfect plan.

Create an outdoor oasis that you build yourself. Choose a free outdoor plan category from the list below to see the free plans.

Top Selling Outdoor Plans

Purchase Plans for Yard and Garden
If it can go outdoors, there is probably a plan for it here!

Purchase Plans for Sheds
Build a shed to your exact specifications.

Purchase Plans for Holidays
Seasonal yard art and tabletop woodworking plans for Halloween and Christmas