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A bedroom is the most peaceful place in the world. But that doesn't mean you have to get expensive and fashionable furniture to make it look beautiful.

You can build your own personalized bed and other bedroom furniture to add that personal feel in your room with free bed plans and bedroom plans.


If you have little kids at home, baby bed plans are ideal, or if you want to utilize every bit of space in your room, try bunk bed plans or loft bed plans, or try living a king and queen sized luxury life on a platform bed.

You can also enhance the appeal of your bedroom by building some matching bedroom furniture. A bedside table, night stand and dressing table are a must in a bedroom. You can also use curved bedside cabinets or slat bedside tables for lamps.

Our bedroom plans collection ranges from modern wardrobe designs to shoe rack plans, under bed storage and a crafty dressing table. And don't forget different kinds of screen plans by which you can smartly divide a large space into smaller ones.

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