Free DIY Humidor Plans

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or an occasional smoker, a humidor is a useful and attractive showcase for your woodworking skills. This would make an excellent gift for parent or grandparent who enjoys your woodworking talent and a good cigar.

Customize these free humidor plans to fit your favorite size cigars. This delightful box is lined with Spanish cedar, and it uses a commercially made hygrometer and humidifier. Spanish cedar is very aromatic and helps maintain the moisture level in your box.

Select beautiful hardwoods or a unique exotic wood to build your humidor. This small project can be a real showcase for your skills and deserves a great wood to make it really stand out. Use polyurethane finish and attractive brass hardware to complete the job. Both the inside and outside of the humidor are finished with the varnish to protect the wood from moisture.

Build a Cigar Humidor

Build a Cigar Humidor

A humidor is indeed a box used to store cigars and pipe tobacco. But it's not just any box. Inside humidors have the proper environment for the smoke you store. A well-made humidor can provide this optimum environment.


How To Build A Cheap Humidor

You don't need to spend a bundle to keep your cigars at the perfect moisture level. Just a few easily procured items and a little elbow grease will give you a humidor that keeps the humidity level up and your costs down.

1. Purchase an airtight plastic bin that's large enough to hold your favorite cigar box and a small passive humidifier. Regardless of size or brand, make sure the lid closes tightly.

2. Thoroughly clean all interior surfaces of the bin and lid to remove any plastic odor.

3. To ensure a tight seal, you can add a weatherproofing strip around the inside lip of the container lid.

4. Purchase a digital hygrometer/thermometer.

5. Cut a hole in the lid of the bin that's large enough to read the digital hygrometer/thermometer readout.

6. Tape a piece of clear acetate to the backside of the hole. You can purchase a clear plastic folder at an office supply store to cut to the proper size, or you could use a clear CD case lid mounted with double-sided tape.

7. Position the digital hygrometer/thermometer and mount it to the underside of the lid. You can tape it in place or seal it with caulking to prevent air leakage.

8. You'll need a passive humidifier such as a Credos style that uses foam, clay or a sponge. Alternatively, you can use a crystal base humidifier that uses salt derivative coated silica gel beads to regulate the relative humidity of your humidor

9. If you wish, add a few scrap pieces of cedar to increase the amount of wood to hold humidity.

10. Using distilled water, moisten all wooden surfaces. Be sure to moisten the inside of your cigar box.

11. Add the recommended distilled water or other additives to your humidifier and close the container until it reaches the proper humidity level.

12. Once your humidor has reached optimum humidity, add your cigars.

Your cigars will stay fresh and your wallet will thank you.