Combined Sewing Box and Window Seat

What a unique place to store sewing supplies so they are always handy.  This window seat is made from an ordinary shoe-packing box and contains places for sewing materials.
These are basically window seat plans with an added adventure of a sewing box set up inside.

Window Seat

Make just a few modifications to the instructions below to create a mission style window seat as pictured or use molding on the front of your window seat to give a built-in appearance.  Visit the Window Seat page for more free window seat plans.

Window Seat Sewing Box The combined sewing box and window seat shown was made using a small freight box for the foundation. Matting was used as a cover and the edges and corners were completed with stained wood strips, 1/2” thick.

Three trays were made for the inside at the top part of the box. Each of the 2 upper ones occupies 1/4th of the opening of the box and slides on a pair of guides that are fastened to the sides of the box. The lower tray is 1/2 the length of the box and will slide using guides placed an ample distance below the upper trays so it can pass underneath these. The 3 trays are used for storing sewing items like buttons.

Plans for a Window Seat Sewing Box
For the spindles for the thread spools, cotters are used, fastened with screws in the shelves.

When the trays are all moved to one end you can access the lower part of the box where the thread spools on either side and the center part can be used for scissors. The small shelves are made of 2 pieces, each half as wide as the depth of the box cover.

Fasten the first half of the shelf in place, then a row of cotters are attached with wood screws and then the other half of the shelf is put in place. The edges of the cover are rounded on the outside to make a nice looking seat.

While no dimensions are necessary, as the box can be of any size, the one shown in the drawing is 28 inches long, 12 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

Click here for detailed plans of the sewing box project.

You can make a window seat cushion to fit your new window seat exactly with one of these window seat cushion patterns.