Greenhouse Plans

A greenhouse can be a simple lean-to consisting of PVC pipe and polyethylene sheeting or a multi-room Victorian conservatory that boasts brick half-walls, raised foundation and cupola. Add electricity and running water as well as heating and cooling for a completely self-sufficient greenhouse system.

Whether your budget is small or large, a greenhouse is a fun way to expand your gardening and houseplant hobby.

These greenhouse plans provide tips, techniques, building recommendations and bill of materials to make the project as easy as possible. Whether it is a weekend project or a major undertaking, the plans, diagrams and articles will help you successfully complete your greenhouse with a minimum of problems.

Free greenhouse plans can be a simple structure to lengthen your growing season or a permanent structure that adds beauty and value to your property.

Victorian style

Victorian style

This is a plan for a beautiful Victorian style greenhouse that you can build to grace your lawn.
Solar Plans

Solar Greenhouse Plans

Information and plans to build a solar hothouse.
Plastic Covered

Plastic Covered

Build a simple greenhouse using clear plastic, 2 x 4's and a few other supplies with these easy to follow instructions.
Fiberglass Panels

Fiberglass Panels

This is a plan for a basic nursery using fiberglass panels that will keep you in plants all year round.
Northern Greenhouse

Northern Cold

Here is a simple project for an insulated greenhouse that works great for colder regions.
Build Your Own?

Build Your Own

Build this large hothouse that measures 32x10x10 feet using hoops and planks.
How to build a greenhouse

How to Build a Greenhouse

This one is lightweight  and built using UV resistant polythene film.

Two Layer Polyethylene

Build this large nursery with 2 layers of polyethylene.
Inexpensive and Easy

Inexpensive and Easy

Using PVC pipe and some wood you can easily build an inexpensive greenhouse.
Carport Frame

Carport Frame

This project uses a portable carport frame that is 10 x 20, covered in plastic.