Woodworking Plans for Chests

Build a storage chest with free plans that will become a family treasure for generations. Free plans for hope chests, cedar chests or just build a wooden chest.

Wooden Chest

Wooden Chest and Stool

This is a fun project for a handsome medieval wooden chest that is easy to build using this easy to follow plans with instructions.

Pirates Chest

Pirate's Chest

With this woodworking project you can create a cool pirate chest for your child. It makes an awesome place to keep all their precious treasures.

Tansu Chest

Tansu Wood Chest Plans

Build an elegant Japanese Tansu chest that is not only attractive but the drawers and cabinets make for great storage.

Blanket Chest

Blanket Chest

Build a blanket chest that doubles as a coffee table and has a convenient drawer at the bottom for additional storage.

Paneled Blanket Chest

A Paneled Blanket Chest

Build a paneled blanket chest that has the look of fine furniture and will certainly add to any bedrooms style and decor.

Storage Chest

Storage Chest

This is a woodworking plan for a wooden storage chest that has step by step instructions along with diagrams and pictures.

Keepsake Chest

Keepsake Chest

Here are six steps with diagrams and pictures to help you build this strong and sturdy keepsake chest.

Hope Chest

Hope Chest Plans

This hope chest is inexpensive and easy to construct, plus will last through many generations.

Chessboard Chest

Chessboard Chest

A chessboard chest gives you extra storage for your home and has a chessboard for playing chess or checkers.

Small Blanket Chest

A Small Blanket Chest

Build a smaller than average chest that provides storage and looks good in a bedroom, living area or wherever you want it to go.

Rustic Trunk

Wooden Trunk

This rustic looking trunk is a great place to store blankets, linens and other items.


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