Build a Cat Tree - Cat Condo

Make a cat tree for a small percentage of the cost of a store bought one. Here's a variety of free cat tree plans and cat condo plans.

My Cat's Condo

Cat's Condo

Eight steps for building a cat condo to give cats a place to play and lounge.

Cat Tower & Condo

Cat Condo & Tower

This project for a cat condo and tower costs little to make and is very easy to build.

Large Cat Tree

Large Cat Condo

Build 2 tall towers with cubby holes covered with faux fur and jute robe, plus a few landings for a cat condo.

Build A Scratching Post

A Scratching Post

For this project you will only need a 30 inch cedar post, some plywood and sisal rope to make a great scratching post for your feline.

Kitty Tower

Simple Kitty Tower

Build an inexpensive kitty tower out of wood scraps and some discarded carpet pieces using this plan.

A Ladder for Kitty

Ladder for Kitty

Give your cat a fun place to climb and play by making this ladder covered in carpet.

Cat Play House

A Cat Play House

With the use of a solar tube and some plywood, you can give your cat his or her own play house.

Cat Tree Plans

Cat Tree Plans

New to the market. Professional cat tree plans written by the manufactuer.

Complete, detailed construction plans designed to save you money and time. Their professional plans explain every step of construction for 11 of their most popular models.