Free Arbor Plans

Build a free standing arbor with a swing or just a simple, decorative arched arbor that creates a focal point for a pathway. Whether you are looking for simple arbor plans or a more complicated garden arbor entryway, here are lots of arbor plans to choose from.

Build an arbor to enhance the entrance to your front or back yard. Free garden arbor plans include arbors for grapes, roses, with swings, gourds and movable arbors.

Garden Arbor Plans

Garden Arbor Plans

This two post garden arbor is easy to build and can also be a four post arbor if desired.
Arched Arbor

Arched Arbor Project

Here are step by step instructions on how to create this lovely arched arbor that gives the feel of a gateway. Just one project like this in your backyard adds so much character, even if it doesn't have a distinct purpose.
Flat Top Plans

Flat Top Arbor Plans

This project is for an arbor with a flat top and has a list of materials needed and helpful drawings. Very nice set of plans from Georgia-Pacific. Be sure to print them out if you are thinking of building this one while the project sheet is still available. This would be a nice grape arbor.
Old Fashioned Entrance

Old Fashioned Entrance

Give your garden or lawn some added beauty by building this old fashioned wooden arbor. Nice, easy to follow instructions accompanied by step-by-step photos of the building process.
Garden Arbor Plans

Arbor with Bench

Here is an arbor that measures 60 inches wide and has a charming and comfy bench seat.
Garden Arbor Plans

Simple Garden Arbor Plans

Using these instructions you can easily build a garden arbor with two benches.